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Do you need a root canal?

Family Dentist Vaughan Dentist offers a full range of family dental services, including root canals, along with crowns and bridges, dental bonding, dental implants and dentures.

Root canals are an often-dreaded but very essential procedure to minimize pain in the long term and to reduce the chance of chronic infection and abscess.

What is a Root Canal?

A root canal service family dentist Vaughan involves the removal of the nerve and pulp that comprises the core of the tooth and the center of the tooth roots. Once removed, the tooth is cleaned out and sealed to prevent infection.

The root canal is the area that contains the tooth’s pulp and nerve, which provide you with sensory information such as hot and cold. Once the root canal is complete, the tooth will no longer have sensation, including pain.

A root canal service family dentist Vaughan is used to save a severely damaged tooth, while also preventing chronic infection and abscesses, which are a pocket of infection that may arise in the gums or within the jaw.

Damage that ultimately necessitates a root canal can vary. The most common causes are severe tooth decay or tooth fractures from decay or trauma. This allows a portal for bacteria to enter the tooth pulp, causing chronic infection, irritation and inflammation.

Often, the patient suffers from chronic tooth pain and infection prior to the root canal procedure. Many individuals see symptoms such as swelling, infection, bone loss in the jaw, dark discoloration of the tooth and pain when the tooth is exposed to pressure from chewing, heat or cold.

At Family Dentist Vaughan Dentist, we work hard to ensure our clients are comfortable throughout the procedure. Many old sayings refer to root canals as a very uncomfortable procedure, but with modern technology and methods, today’s root canals are relatively painless. Our family dental team will work to help manage any pain that does arise during or after the procedure.

When you turn to Family Dentist Vaughan Dentist for a root canal, you’ll enjoy affordable rates. We also accept dental insurance plans, which typically offer coverage for root canals.

If you need a root canal, or another restorative procedure such as a dental crown, tooth bridge, dental implants, dental bonding or dentures, turn to the experts at Family Dentist Vaughan Dentist. Find out for yourself why we’re regarded as the region’s top family dentist!

Vaughan clients can choose from our flexible appointment scheduling. We strive to accommodate individuals and families with even the busiest schedule!

To book your appointment for a root canal, call our offices at 855-913-2528.

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