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Do you need a new set of dentures?

Whether you require a full denture, a partial, or even a bridge or a crown, the experts at Family Dentist Vaughan Dentist are here to assist!

At Family Dentist Vaughan Dentist, we offer a complete range of kids and family dental services. We’re here to restore your smile, whether you require dentures, dental implants, porcelain veneers, teeth bonding, bridges and crowns, partial dentures or teeth whitening.

Dentures are removable dental prosthetics that can be used to create a beautiful smile in the absence of your natural teeth. Dentures may comprise your entire jaw, a portion of your jaw, or just a few teeth.

If you have remaining molar teeth that are in good condition, these can be used as anchors for your dentures, which will snap into place a bit like a retainer. Partial dentures are similar to a bridge, only they’re removable as they’re not permanently affixed to the adjacent teeth.

Some individuals have no teeth at all or the remaining molar teeth may be in poor condition, thereby making them unsuitable for use in anchoring the dentures. These individuals may be a good candidate for dental implants which can be embedded into the jaw. Once the implants fuse with the jaw bone, small ports are affixed to the implants. These ports serve as attachment points that will snap into your dentures, holding them securely in place without the need for denture paste and adhesives.

In some cases, your dentist may need to remove existing teeth that are in poor condition or would otherwise interfere with the new denture. In these cases, Dental dentures family dentist Vaughan can provide a tooth extraction procedure.

Once healed, your jaw and remaining teeth will be molded to create a perfect model of your mouth. This model will be used to create your dentures, which will be custom made to fit your unique dentition and face shape. If you have photos of your natural teeth, these images can be used as a reference to help select a tooth size and shape that resembles how your natural smile used to look.

Once your new dentures are complete, you’ll be summoned in to Family Dentist Vaughan Dentist and your dentist will perform a final fitting, performing any final tweaks and revisions to ensure a perfect fit and totally natural look.

You shouldn’t be ashamed of your smile! And eating shouldn’t be limited to liquids only; it should involve chewing! A good, high quality set of dentures is precisely what you need to smile with confidence and chew with ease!

As a leading family and kids dentist, Vaughan-based Family Dentist Vaughan Dentist offers competitive rates on all of our services. We also accept a number of dental insurance plans too.

Turn to experts here at Family Dentist Vaughan Dentist for your dentures. Choose from one of our flexible appointment time slots today. Book your appointment to get dentures by calling our dental clinic at 855-913-2528.
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